At PH Pallets and PureBed we are proud to have recycling at the heart of our core business model. We understand the importance of environmental protection and comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and appropriate codes of practice relating to the processes and activities of the company. We offer both closed loop and open loop recycling processes.

horse in field in green surroundings

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations and as an accredited wood processor we help businesses dispose of their own waste and transform it into new products.

used pallets

We buy and sell used pallets, which avoids the use of fresh timber for new replacements. Pallets are collected, hand sorted, and contamination (cardboard/plastic) is removed and recycled. Any good pallets are stocked for resale. (Closed loop recycling)

repair pallets

Damaged pallets are assessed to see if they can be repaired. We put back for resale any pallets that can be economically repaired. (closed loop)

pallets stripped for parts

Pallets that can not be repaired are stripped for parts. The components can then be used to repair damaged pallets. (closed loop)

finding a new use for pallets

Any pallets that are unusable are chipped and transformed into PureBed – Grade A, dust-free animal bedding for sale to the public and equine businesses. (open loop)

  • - Plastic waste that comes with the pallets received from other business is sorted and collected by a local waste management company.
  • - Any nails and metals extracted from pallets during the process are recycled.
  • - Dust extracted from the chipping process is used for cattle bedding.
  • - The end product (PureBed) is rated as ‘compostable’ by the Organic Farmers Society.

How do I order?!

Call the office on 0161 351 1333
Order quantities from just 1 bag (to collect) to 24 pallets (for delivery)