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I can’t recommend their bedding enough! I have a horrendous box walker! Shavings and straw last me less than 6 hours before they are absolutely trashed beyond all recognition. I found this bedding after a long old search for bedding that can stand the test of Ellie and stop spending £70 a week on bedding! Then this stuff came into our life and I can safely say I’m a convert! My bed now lasts me a WEEK! Albeit dirty because she walks it’s not soaked through! And a full bed for me 5 bales of this awesome stuff is a fraction of the cost and really does stand the test of time! I have pictures to back this up if anyone would like proof! 100/10 for this product! Staff are really lovely and accommodating too! Always a pleasure to speak to polite and love to hear of the success stories. Won’t be using any other brand than this! Praise the horse gods for the Houghton family! You have saved me hundreds in 2 short weeks! So thank you!!!

Horse Bedding Review
Amy M

I decided to try PureBed after it was recommended and was sceptical as I’m not a fan of shavings. However I was amazed how good it was. Not only did it absorb any wet, it kept the top dry and it even dried out quickly. My boy has a lovely clean dry bed and because it’s got some substance to it, his bed is nice and deep but still really easy to muck out. I’d highly recommend and will not be returning to straw!!

Horse Bedding Review

I changed my horses onto PureBed about a month ago and it really is the best decision I have made! The beds are so much cleaner, including the messy horses, and my mucking out time has nearly halved. It stays put when they’re walking round, I’m using much less bedding, it smells so much cleaner, and really is dust free. I honestly cannot rate this bedding enough and would recommend it to anyone!

Horse Bedding Review

high quality wood fibre

“Low cost, easy muck out, nice and dry, excellent helpful service.“

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