bedding faqs
Help to decide what bedding is best for your horse

What is PureBed animal bedding made from?

Grade A, clean, recycled packaging material

Is wood fibre safe for my horse?

Yes, although wood fibre is a relatively new product and is already growing to be more popular than shavings as it is dust-free, is soft on hooves and is free draining.

Could there be nails in my bedding?

PureBed is manufactured using two processes of metal removal.

Is PureBed animal bedding dusty?

PureBed is dust-free after going through our dust removal system – we extract the dust from the woodchip.

Is wood fibre bedding easy to muck out?

Extremely easy because the liquid doesn’t spread through the bedding, (compared to shavings)

How absorbent is your horse bedding?

PureBed isn’t absorbent - it's free draining which allows the liquid to go through and stay in one spot. This means less mucking-out for you and less bedding used.

How big are the horse bedding bales?

Our 20kg bags are handy, easy to carry. We also supply in pallets of 35.

Do you deliver and do you supply to livery yards?

We do deliver locally and are happy to supply anyone in the country on a courier. We are a new company and our list of stockists is growing, please contact Will on 0161 351 1333 for current locations. If you are interested in stocking PureBed please get in touch - we would be happy to work with you.

Do you have reviews about your product?

Reviews can be found on our Facebook page Here is one recent review: “Can’t recommend enough...... Price, Quality comfort & an excellent service! I have never come across bedding that is actually dust free until now. Easy to muck out and very absorbent. 5 STARS!”

How do I order?!

Call the office on 0161 351 1333
Order quantities from just 1 bag (to collect) to 26 pallets (for delivery)


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